Pump Repair

The pool pump is an important component of a pool’s plumbing system that regulates both the pool’s circulation system and its hygienic condition. Knowing when your pool’s pump needs to be repaired or replaced is critical because pumps are one of the most important parts of a swimming pool. Without a well-maintained and properly functioning swimming pool pump, your beautiful pool may turn into a swamp over time.

Signs your pool pump needs a repair

Here are some of the signs your pump needs repair:

  • It’s making unpleasant noises: Pool pumps are supposed to operate quietly, so if you hear any unpleasant out-of-character noises coming from the pump, then it may be a warning sign that your pump is not running properly. If the motor is making grinding noises or a loud screaming sound, this is usually an indication that it is beginning to fail.
  • The pump keeps shutting off: It’s possible that the motor in your pool pump has overheated if it keeps turning off on its own. If this happens, check the temperature of the motor. This problem has to be inspected and addressed as soon as possible to prevent the pool pump from breaking down completely.
  • Losing suction: The pumps draw in and filter water, clearing debris before pumping it back to the swimming pool. If you notice that the pressure is lower compared to its normal pressure, then it means that your pump has been clogged or is leaking air on its suction side. This will, over time, wear out the motor, meaning you will have to replace your pump system.

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If your pool pump has become old, is making a weird noise, or is losing suction, then it is a sign to contact a professional pool maintenance and repair service like Rick Pinto Swimming Pool, Inc. Our experienced technicians will do a thorough inspection to check whether your pump needs repair or replacement. Get in touch with us today in order to get a free estimate on any of our pool repair and replacement services.

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