Drain Repair

Finding drain leaks under your swimming pool is not a pleasant experience, but it does not necessarily require a significant excavation project to be completed. These kinds of problems typically arise in older homes, which have plumbing plans and systems that have been there for such a long time that no one anticipates the need to attend to them in the foreseeable future. As a result, these plans and systems are often disregarded, unclear, and forgotten. Fortunately, professional drain services can help you solve this problem quickly and easily without contemplating excavations, moving the pool, or pulling off the paving and decks. A team of experienced drain repair cleaners can inspect the pipes, locate the issue, and get a clear picture of the drainage system damage and repair requirements.

Causes of drain leaks under a pool

Here are some of the causes of drain leaks under a swimming pool:

  1. One of the most common factors contributing to drainage problems is the presence of trees. Even though trees are great for providing shade, their expansive root systems can wreck underground pipelines. This is because the expansion of the roots causes the pipe to become damaged.
  2. The tools used in the pool’s construction and installation may be the second issue contributing to drainage leaks or damage. Heavy systems and machinery can crack or crush drains easily. Therefore, before starting the construction or allowing any heavy machinery on your property, it is crucial to understand the outlay of the drain installations; this way, you will be able to avoid crushing them.

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