Spring Openings

Expert Pool Preparation for the Fun Season

At Rick Pinto Swimming Pools, a typical Spring opening consists of removing the pool cover, cleaning and folding it. Retracting the deck anchors and/or removing any lawn spikes would complete this portion of the service. Next, our techs’ will blow off the surrounding decking, patio and filter area, making the Spring clean-up of your property faster, easier and more manageable. After which, they will reassemble your pools’ filter and equipment, test everything to make sure it’s working properly, and make any adjustments. Once the system is operational, they sweep any debris off the pool walls, chemically treat the water and, of course, clean any debris out of the pool. Finally, the pool and fencing are inspected for any unsafe conditions. If all is well, it is now ready for your Summer enjoyment.
Rick Pinto Pools is at your service.
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