Perfecting the Pool Surface

Rick Pinto Swimming Pools May 15th, 2024 0 Comments

Pool plastering is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of a swimming pool. It involves applying a layer of plaster over the concrete or gunite shell of the pool to create a smooth, durable surface that enhances the swimming experience. Pool plastering is a step in renovating a swimming pool, as it […]


Troubleshooting Common Pool Plaster Issues.

Rick Pinto Swimming Pools April 24th, 2024 0 Comments

Pool plaster is a critical component of any swimming pool, providing a smooth and waterproof surface. Hollow spots in pool plaster can develop issues over time due to various factors like poor maintenance, improper installation, or environmental conditions. A professional pool technician or contractor for severe or persistent pool plaster issues to ensure proper diagnosis […]